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EP Review of Winter Vol. 3 by Pangaea Projekt

Pangaea Projekt is the recording alias of Orlando-based musician Michael Crain. I was first introduced to his music upon hearing the enchantingly wonderful debut album, Gaia’s Dream, which blends ethno-tribal and ambient/electronic groove elements, ala Deep Forest. Stylistically venturing into more atmospheric ambient terrain with this latest offering, Winter, Vol. 3 is the third installment in a series of three-track EPs, of which, despite their seasonal theme, can be enjoyed anytime of the year.


Playlists for April 2018


April 2018 playlists for our weekly one-hour broadcasts.


Album Review of Kiss the Quiet by Michael Whalen

Michael Whalen is a veteran of over 700 TV and film scores, thousands of commercials and numerous TV themes and video games. A highly versatile composer, his superb discography and many associated projects span new age, ambient, classical, pop, jazz and fusion styles of music. The follow-up recording to his outstanding 2017 release, Dream Cycle, which incorporated ambient-electronic and dreamy vocal elements, Whalen’s newest album, Kiss the Quiet (subtitled Meditations on Life & Love) is comprised of ten compositions that equally stuns with its haunting blend of subtle ambient textures and atmospherically minimal piano. Topping it off is the impeccable mastering skills of none other than Tom Eaton, who’s crafted some top-notch ambient-piano albums of his own.


New album from Loreena McKennitt upcoming in May


New album from Loreena McKennitt titled Lost Souls is scheduled for release on May 11, 2018!



Album Review of Ama by Michael Brant DeMaria

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Brant DeMaria returns with his latest album, Ama, following a five-year hiatus since his last solo recording entitled The Maiden of Stonehenge. Known for his musical versatility which includes his mastery of world flutes, ethnic percussion and textural electronic arrangements, DeMaria essentially creates electro-organic, ethno-ambient soundscapes within a consciously new age musical framework. Heartwarmingly dedicated to his recently deceased mother, the album is comprised of ten compositions spanning approximately fifty-seven minutes. Likewise, the word “ama” not only means “mother” or “grandmother” in many languages, but also translates as “water” in Cherokee tongue of which aptly makes for an intriguing parallel.


Playlists for March 2018


March 2018 Playlists for our weekly one-hour themed broadcasts 


Album Review of Songs from the Wounded Heart by Keith Richie

Texas-based electronic music composer Keith Richie creates beautifully cinematic ambient and melodic space music that is often inspired by sci-fi movie themes, including classic film scores composed by legendary artists like John Carpenter, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream. Having initially been introduced to Richie’s mesmerizing world of music via his 2015 album Ambient Highways, I’ve enthusiastically monitored his continually evolving music career ever since. Comprised of eleven beautiful compositions, Songs from the Wounded Heart was inspired by moods and motifs of sorrow and mournfulness – featuring both new compositions as well as those compiled from previous albums.

Concert review of Steve Roach at the Galactic Center in Tucson, AZ


A weekend excursion in Arizona with flutist Sherry Finzer, where we visited harpist Peter Sterling in Sedona, percussionist Byron Metcalf and vocalist Jennifer Grais in Prescott, and then finally, set-off to Tucson for an exhilarating concert performance by Steve Roach. Video highlights included along with a selection of 10 of my favorite essential Steve Roach albums!


Playlists for February 2018

February 2018 playlists for our weekly one-hour themed broadcasts.

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