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Album Review of Colors of the Ambient Sky by David Arkenstone


David Arkenstone is unquestionably one of the most important and versatile recording artists in “new age” and related genres of music – having released over 60 studio albums over three decades. Very few musicians have so profoundly mastered the plethora of styles that Arkenstone has – his musical endeavors encompassing everything from classic 80’s-style “new age” – to ambient, electronica, cinematic, neoclassical, world, pop and soundtrack music. If I were asked to name my favorite Arkenstone album, his 2010 magnum opus, Ambient World, would be in the top-running for that title. And that’s way I’m ecstatic to announce that his latest release, titled Colors of the Ambient Sky, is like Ambient World’s long-awaited sequel that I’d be yearning for, yet which I thought would never arrive. Comprised of 9 compositions spanning 47 minutes, Colors of the Ambient Sky is a stunning sonic venture into the best that ambient, downtempo and chill-trance music have to offer – all composed in Arkenstone’s unmistakably familiar style.



Album Review of Auriga to Orion by Majestica


Majestica is an Arizona-based, collaborative duo of multi-instrumentalist Cass Anawaty and flutist Sherry Finzer. Following up their fantastic debut album, In the Midst of Stars, the duo’s highly-anticipated sophomore release, Auriga to Orion, is a seven-track album that further expounds on their innovative blend of spacey electronics and earthy acoustics. Decidedly groove-centric throughout, the music is often imbued with sexy ‘chill-rock’ motifs, which makes it equally conducive to both dancing and stargazing.

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Album Review of Tranquility by Ambiscend

Ambiscend is the recording alias of Texas-based electronic music composer, Darren Rogers, who’s previously released several albums ranging from ambient-space to healing new age. Comprised of five compositions spanning approximately eight to ten minutes each, Darren’s latest album, entitled Tranquility, occupies a serene sweet-spot between the two styles, as subtly melodic synthesized textures are enhanced throughout by field recordings of ocean waves and nocturnal forest environments.

Playlists for June 2018


June 2018 playlists for our weekly one-hour mixes!


Album Review of The Quiet Music, the Sonorous Loneliness by Tsode

Spanish electronic music composer Jesús Valenzuela – who records under the project name of Tsode – returns with his highly-anticipated third LP entitled The Quiet Music, The Sonorous Loneliness, which features 11 compositions spanning nearly 55 minutes. As with his previous two releases – Yggdrasil and Brainstorming – Tsode’s latest album similarly traverses an otherworldly mythical realm, as the enthralling compositions range from chill-trance anthems, to cinematic ambient panoramas, to symphonic electronic audio vistas.

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May 2018 playlists for our weekly one-hour broadcasts.


New Album by Sverre Knut Johansen released May 4th


New album out titled The Vast Expanse by ambient-electronic music composer Sverre Knut Johansen with David Helpling!



Album Review of Every Moment by Joseph L Young

World-flute master and keyboardist Joseph L Young adds a soulfully refreshing element on his latest album, Every Moment, which follows his enchanting 2016 album, Ethereum. Having formerly played saxophone in the smooth jazz group Mobius Trip (that he co-founded), Joseph again pulls out his sax and gets creative on his latest album, which draws upon influences of jazz, new age and ambient/electronic music. Comprised of twelve compositions spanning approximately 62 minutes, sax is the lead instrument throughout, as Joseph adds synthesized layers and keyboards, gentle percussion and subtle world music touches along the way. Centered upon a theme of time, the compositions overall feel timeless, musing and imaginative. Guest musicians include world flutist Cornell Kinderknecht on “Time Traveler” and violist Lisa Bittick on “Chronos Dreams”.


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