Iconic master of cinematic ambience Michael Stearns has returned after long silence with a brand-new release The Soft Touch Of Morning Light. Yeah, in the meantime there was breathtakingly transporting Samsara score released in 2012, but as far I remember, Michael's last CD The Storm on Spotted Peccary is dated back to 2001. To be honest, I have been always dreaming of reviewing Michael Stearns, now I have finally this opportunity. And on the top of all this, during 2018, I was a truly fortunate to visit one of my true heroes of ambient at his own studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and several months later experienced his unforgettable live show at B-Wave festival in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. Both these events still deeply resonate, so the more I am fascinated by all audible insignias of this ingenious artist. The Soft Touch Of Morning Light CDr is out since October 15th, 2015, on Earth Turtle Music and is available through Michael Stearns website as a CDr release, manufactured on demand by TrepStar. ~Richard Gürtler

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