2440 Millennial is the second volume of a project called Music Uniquely Yours by Texas-based composer Tony Clark and released under the project name of Renascence. Conceived with the intention of inviting the listener on a peaceful, relaxing journey, the album’s title was inspired by the Millennial generation – particularly one individual named Juha – to whom this album is dedicated. Composed on electronic keyboard and synthesizer, the approximately 40-minute album is comprised of four immersive soundscapes that traverse ambient, minimal and experimental space music terrain.

Opening with a track called “Zebrah”, this dreamy composition is guided along by liquid ambient textures that have a bubbling, pulse-like quality, as ethereal timbres and drifty piano notes further lend to the atmospheric framework. Immediately lulling the listener into a blissful state of tranquility, one can hear influences of Brian Eno’s Ambient album series on this piece along with the incorporation of modern post-rave musical elements. Next up is “Electric Wish”, a more mysterious and minimally atmospheric piece that seemingly possesses the nature of a sci-fi or space-age movie film score. Translucent tonal washes and slowly shifting drones eerily echo throughout what feels like a dark expanse of distant cosmic voices, which are further enhanced by outstretched reverberating bell-tones.

“Resilient” is the lengthiest composition at 16 and ½ minutes and initially opens with sparsely-placed piano notes beneath an overhang of subtly gurgling synths. Eventually transitioning into a gentle solo piano bridge at about the midway point, the piece then slips back into another moment of atmospheric minimalism before reverting once again to the piano motif through to the end. “Quiet Blue” provides a wonderful conclusion to the album with its metamorphosing passages of earthy drones, celestial tones and subtly sparkling piano accents collectively casting a soft glow of warmth among the listening space.

Decidedly more subdued and contemplative than his previous release, Tony effectively demonstrates a comparatively more compositionally minimal nature on 2440 Millennial, while likewise lending his hand at a bit more sonic experimentation. Seemingly hovering somewhere between planet earth and the cosmos, these mostly drifty, often freeform and subtly melodic pieces are perfectly appropriate for late nights and quiet spaces! ~Candice Michelle

For more information please visit the artist's website. This album can also be purchased at Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

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