Prelude to a Dream is the third solo piano album by Shoshana Michael and her second album as a composer. Her debut album, Soul Whispers, featured arrangements of Chabad nigunim, a collection of songs of Jewish Eastern European origin. Inspired by the overwhelming response to her second album, Dancing on the Wind, Shoshana continued composing original music. Within a few months, Prelude to a Dream was completed, an equally compelling recording comprised of 11 compositions spanning 51 minutes.

The opening piece, “Wonder”, begins almost entirely in the upper register before making its way down toward the middle range of the piano, effectively bringing-to-mind the early music of David Lanz – in particular, his landmark album Nightfall. Following next is the title piece, “Prelude to a Dream” – one of my favorite passages on the album. Definitively neo-classical and played in minor key, this lovely composition is characterized by a left-hand ostinato figure that moves through the entire song, as each note beautifully reverberates throughout what feels like the halls of an old mansion or castle. “A Walk in the Rain” ensues in the style of a modern ballad, which effectively recalls Jim Brickman’s earliest works. Another favorite, “Kaleidoscope”, is a particularly notable piece that bears strong reminiscence to George Winston’s music. Sounding as if being played on a minor-key music-box, it seemingly exudes a whimsically haunting and childlike innocence. The softly mesmerizing and subtly exotic, “Ethereal”, concludes the album on a quiet note – its phrases drawing to mind the music of Aeoliah’s piano album Chambers of the Heart – a comparison of which is an utmost compliment.

Although Shoshana Michel has only recently made a splash in the piano world as a composer, Prelude to a Dream likewise proves that she has quickly anchored herself alongside some of her finest contemporaries! ~Candice Michelle

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