Spanish electronic music composer Jesús Valenzuela – who records under the project name of Tsode – returns with his highly-anticipated third LP entitled The Quiet Music, The Sonorous Loneliness, which features 11 compositions spanning nearly 55 minutes. As with his previous two releases – Yggdrasil and Brainstorming – Tsode’s latest album similarly traverses an otherworldly mythical realm, as the enthralling compositions range from chill-trance anthems, to cinematic ambient panoramas, to symphonic electronic audio vistas.

Ocean waves and a droning undercurrent introduce the album on the title piece, “The Sonorous Loneliness”, as cinematic strings and brass eventually swell into a symphonic movement akin to a classic Vangelis score. Like a ship leaving the dock at sea, the listener finds themselves soon embarking on a fantastic sonic voyage. Following next, icy timbres open “North Point” – a most enchanting composition which feels evocative of a cold northern climate that perfectly lends itself as the backdrop to a winter fantasy-tale. The piece soon unravels a sweeping melody comprised of piano, guitar and colorful array of Celtic pipes amid distant, thundering percussion – and a similar motif is revisited later-on with the tenderer composition, “Eternal Love”.

The third track, “A Little Breath”, is a gorgeously melodic soundscape characterized by a wondrously emotive build-up comprised of ambient textures, echoing drums and a crystalline keyboard melody. A definite favorite of mine, the piece somewhat recalls the collaborative works of David Helpling and Jon Jenkins with a cinematic/fantasy touch of David Arkenstone. “Sunday Sun” ensues and is another transportive triumph – featuring soaring electric guitar by fellow Spanish chill/electronica composer, David Clavijo, who is accompanied by a slick groove and duduk – a familiar instrument that’s appeared on prior Tsode compositions.

“Ascension Paths” is a likewise spectacular piece although more definitive of “chilltrance” in the vein of Schiller or Tigerforest. Energetically vibrant yet hauntingly mysterious, the aural space seemingly feels encapsulated by a wind-tunnel, as daduk, digital effects and synthesized vocal tones echo among the ether. Concluding our fascinating adventure is the bonus track, “Run” – a notably Jarre-inspired piece characterized by a cinematic and colorful space-age motif that’s underscored by a retro-techno beat.

Bearing stylistic hallmarks throughout of pioneering musical legends such as Enigma, Jean Michel-Jarre, Mike Oldfield and Vangelis, The Quiet Music, The Sonorous Loneliness is arguably Tsode’s most accomplished work to date – and certainly destined to be among this year’s finest albums! ~Candice Michelle

This album is also available on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

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