Kelly David explores organic ambient soundscapes on his new album Meditation in Green, which will be released August 23rd on the Spotted Peccary label. It’s available for pre-order on both compact disc and multiple digital download formats.


"Meditation in Green, the Spotted Peccary label debut of ambient electronic artist Kelly David, is a psychedelic musical journey deep into the heart of Viet Nam’s Mekong Delta. Guided by rich ambient textures, manipulated field recordings, traditional instruments, and a blend of cultural and electronic percussion, the album offers a surreal sonic sojourn into a mysterious land defined by the power of a river and its influence, where nature has always been the dominant force.

An immersive work, built upon deep evolving drones and dreamlike atmospheres, Meditation in Green blends environmental field recordings with minimalist ambient textures to underscore nature as a significant component to the work. Subtly nuanced electronic soundforms inhabit the heart of the music as percussion elements ebb and flow, slowly winding through the ethno-atmospheric currents of sound, while thoughtfully placed micro events give depth to the experience, rewarding the discriminating listener with a revealing musical landscape.

Pure, honest, and undeniably introspective, Kelly David’s masterfully crafted soundscapes bring to mind misty visions of a familiar unknown. Tensions build and release as the music moves through moods that are both soothing and challenging. Gongs, bells and the occasional emergence of authentic Vietnamese instruments signify the album’s deep relationship with SE Asian culture. The mesmerizing timbres and imaginative sound dimensions place the music solidly in world-bending ethno-ambient territory where distant dreams of the past collide with futuristic contemplations, creating a memorable experience that remains long after the music is gone." 

Check it out at Spotted Peccary Music.



August 24, 2019 @04:04 pm
Michele Martin
August 16, 2019 @02:44 pm
Sounds great!
Steven Hazelbaker

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