Acclaimed ambient guitarist Jeff Pearce returns on September 13th with Skies and Stars. Comprised of three deep space excursions, the album includes two long-form compositions and one shorter piece. Available for pre-order on both CD and multiple digital download formats, it’s the ultimate soundtrack for stargazing!


"Skies and Stars, the 14th solo album by ambient guitarist Jeff Pearce, is a collection of music inspired by, and created for, late-night sky watching. Featuring Jeff’s signature guitar sounds fed into loops and various effects units, Skies and Stars provides a soundtrack by which to watch evening slowly fade into night.

The follow-up to Jeff’s Billboard-charting From the Darker Seasons, Skies and Stars takes the listener in a different direction from that work. Comprised of three tracks, the music moves from the slow, gentle, ever-changing ambience of “Evening Clouds”, to the alternately mysterious and majestic “The Stars Above My Childhood Home”, and finally concluding with the poignant “The Last Bright Lights”, a song reflecting on nights spent stargazing with his daughters.

Called “one of the top two electronic guitarists of all time” by the AllMusic Guide, Skies and Stars finds Jeff Pearce continuing to refine and expand the soundscapes and atmospheres that he first presented to the ambient music world in 1993." 

For more information please visit the artist's website. This album is also available at Bandcamp and Amazon.

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