Distinguished multi-flutist Sherry Finzer and legendary pan-global percussionist Will Clipman join creative forces for their first collaborative album, The Space Between Breaths, which drops September 20th. Available for preorder on both CD and multiple digital download formats, it encapsulates music of the earth and the elements!


"Award-winning flutist Sherry Finzer and 7-time GRAMMY Nominee Will Clipman work together again for their first collaborative duo album, The Space Between Breaths

Sherry specializes in low flutes and uses a variety on this album, including the contrabass, bass, alto, C flute and piccolo, while Will paints vivid pictures with his pallet of pan-global percussion with instruments like the udu, taos drums, water drums, anklung and more.

The Space Between Breaths merges the full-spectrum multi-flutes of Sherry Finzer with the pan-global percussion of Will Clipman to evoke a sensuously soothing soundscape that is perfect for yoga, meditation, massage, creative movement or simply the transformational pleasure of listening deeply to exquisite music. This new release from Heart Dance Records will transport you to the peaceful stillpoint as the center of your being, enveloping body, mind and spirit in healing energy."

This album is available for preorder at Bandcamp and Amazon.

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