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"After six solo electronic/ambient albums and his 2016 collaborations with Steve Roach (BIOSONIC and SECOND NATURE, Projekt) Robert Logan’s new album blends surprising electronic and acoustic sources, terraforming bright, melodic molten sound with an enraptured experience of the natural world.

SCULPTOR GALAXY resonates with the spirit of the albums that captured Logan’s imagination as a youngster: film music, 70s and 80s electronic, and progressive rock. The album connects with the work of early Roach, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, and Jean Michel Jarre, sounding at times like the album Jarre would create today had he continued exploring the universe began with 1984’s fantastically unusual Zoolook.

Steve Roach brings his decades of know-how producing cohesive extended albums. After a period of long-distance collaborating and some mentorship along the way, Roach invited Logan to Arizona to assist sequencing and assembling the ten tracks into a beautifully singular continuous mix. Like a compelling work of cinema, the album’s power flows as each scene talks thematically to the next to create a vibrantly structured, vivid whole.

Vibrant electronic performances, detailed tone-sculpting, processed natural sounds (captures from Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Hungarian village life and the UK’s shores), and unusual acoustic instruments inform a musical world of exotic majesty and boundless adventure. There is a warmth to SCULPTOR GALAXY making it a powerful exploration of themes that have infused Logan’s work: flesh and spirit, technology and nature, mind and matter, and wonder at the worlds that wait beyond the stars."

Released November 8, 2017



November 14, 2017 @09:04 pm
This is an absolutely incredible release!

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