Cloudcast show for week of 10.21.18


Album review of Lonely Satellite by Lena Natalia

A review of Lena Natalia's new album entitled Lonely Satellite!


Album Review of A World Away by 2002

A review of 2002's new album entitled A World Away!


Album Review of White Sun III by White Sun

An overview of the brand new album White Sun III by White Sun!


Album review of Dreams Beyond Terra by ELEON

An overview of ELEON's debut album entitled Dreams Beyond Terra!



Jean-Michel Jarre: how we made Oxygène


‘Hi-fi shops played it as an example of state-of-the-art music. I didn’t tell them I made it with Sellotape in my kitchen’


Cloudcast show for week of 10.14.18


Album Review of Humanization by Mário Raposo

An overview of Mario Raposo's latest album entitled Humanization

Cloudcast show for week of 10.07.18


Album Review of Tiamatu, Volume 1 by Michael Crain & Jason Carey


An overview of Michael Crain and Jason Carey's collaborative debut, Tiamatu, Volume 1


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