Robert Casady is an award-winning composer, arranger and orchestrator, whose music has appeared in various media, including short films, websites and numerous video games. His debut album, “First Light”, is a twenty-four minute EP comprised of five compositions, in which he seamlessly blends styles of ambient, electronica and cinematic orchestral music.

Alchemy is the third installment of a five-part album series by Crystalline Dream, a musical project conceived and composed by Richard Ross. Incorporating both electronic and indigenous instruments on the album, Alchemy spans styles of ambient, ethno-tribal and electronic-space music variably throughout, as its ten compositions take the listener on an extraordinary journey far-removed from the hustle-and-bustle of daily life.


'Dancing on the Wind' is the sophomore album from Shoshana Michel, a pianist and composer whose debut recording, “Soul Whispers”, featured a collection of renditions of Chabad Nigunim. Following that album’s critical reception, Shoshana felt she needed to prove herself as more than just a pianist-arranger, but as a composer as well, so she sat down at her piano and began experimenting. After much determination the melodies simply began overflowing, with the outcome of that process resulting in an exquisite collection of eleven original solo piano compositions.

Album review of Mister Stichs by Keith Richie

Al Gromer Khan is a German-born author, sitar player and award-winning composer who’s released a number of albums over the years, which span ambient, electronica and world fusion styles of music. Released on the Rasa Music label, Chakra Noir is essentially an ambient recording comprised of twelve compositions, which incorporate both Indian sitar and exotic percussion, as these elements are woven among intriguing electronic textures to create an overall freeform soundscape of understated elegance.

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“White Sun II” is the sophomore album from world fusion artist White Sun, who fuse both modern and indigenous instruments with transcendental sung lyrics. Comprised of eleven compositions, the album was produced and mixed by Adam Berry who also plays guitar, keyboard and bass. Additionally, Adam is the co-writer of the songs along with Gurujas, who provides lead vocals as well as plays harmonium. Also joining the lineup is Harijiwan on Gong, Mamadou Diabate on Kora, Abbiman Kaushal on Tabla, and Gabe Witcher on Fiddle. A gospel choir lends their voices to a couple of compositions.

“Sensuous Chill” is the eighteenth studio album from internationally-acclaimed and top-selling new age/contemporary instrumental composer Yanni. A lengthy album clocking in at seventy-eight minutes, its seventeen compositions are largely structured around electronic orchestration and programmed beats that lend a distinctive dance/club vibe throughout. Nevertheless, there’s certainly no shortage of acoustic and world instruments skillfully interwoven among the more synthetic textures. And interestingly enough, many of the melodies actually bear similar hallmarks to some of Yanni’s earlier works.

“At Peace Beneath the Shade of My Father’s Tree” is the debut album from pianist and composer Terry Lee Nichols. Comprised of seventeen tracks spanning just over an hour, Nichols has drawn much inspiration for this album from deeply personal experiences and events occurring throughout his lifetime. He is joined by other musicians on varying compositions, including Luis Conte on percussion, Joel Taylor on drums, Craig Sharmat on guitar and Hussein Jiffry on bass. Farzin Farhadi is the album’s producer and also lends soprano sax, while Franz Pusch is the recording’s engineer. A live string orchestra is prominently featured throughout, infusing much of the music with a sweeping and cinematic feel.

Starr Parodi is a Steinway concert and recording artist who has performed and recorded with a number of artists spanning many musical genres, including having been a regularly highlighted performer on The Arsenio Hall show. Comprised of eleven improvisational solo piano compositions, “The Heart of Frida” was inspired by none other than Frida Kahlo, a Mexican folk painter who transformed her suffering into transcendental art. Recorded on a 1928 Steinway grand piano that once found its way onto the MGM scoring stage, the iconic instrument likewise boasts an impressive resume of its own, including having been the piano on which The Wizard of Oz was recorded. Perhaps it’s not surprising then that Starr seems to have awakened an old soul housed within this musical treasure box, thereby channeling the essence of a timeless and cultural legacy that spans several decades.

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