We’re delighted to present an interview with Jeff Pearce. He’s an Indiana based musician who composes beautifully ethereal ambient guitar music, and is one of the pioneers of the ambient guitar style. Jeff has released a gorgeous new album called Skies and Stars just in time for some cooler weather!

A deeply chilled mix to convey cooler winds & changing landscapes of autumn. Featuring Frank Borell, David Arkenstone, MTA Lab, Seaside Bar, Kitaro Michael Brückner, Shinpal, Isophene, and Nicholas Gunn. Listen to this one-hour Mixcloud episode and see the playlist!

Polly Fae (known previously as Paulina Cassidy) returns with quiet bewitchment on her new album of 15 swirling atmospheric pieces straddling the boundaries of ambient and dream pop. ~Projekt Records

Indiana-based musician Jeff Pearce has been releasing music since the early 90s, debuting with an album in 1993 called Tenderness and Fatality. He followed up that recording in 1996 with The Hidden Rift, a landmark album that featured what would become Pearce’s unmistakable signature sound.

We’re honored to present a very special audio interview with Mark Dwane who’s just released an album called Martian Apparitions. Known for his signature brand of ambient symphonic and sci-fi inspired electronica, Mark creates highly imaginative soundworlds using electric guitar synthesis.

Returning back to 2016, this year was very busy for Kansan dronescaper Steve Brand, who released several reissues of his older albums in new packaging and two brand new recordings, The Path Of The Heart (May, out on relaxedMachinery) and Leaving The Hive (September, released on Steve's Pioneer Light Music).

Off Land has just released a gorgeous new album titled Field Tangents, which features sixteen ambient tracks created from environmental field recordings and melodically floating atmospheres. It’s available on multiple digital download formats and limited edition compact disc!

An afterhours mix of late night grooves inspired by urban city life! Featuring ELEON, Obsqure, Stavelot, Liam Thomas, Kalabi, Doug Blair, Glint, Paul Seling, Majestica, Thomas Lemmer & Andreas Bach, Emil Eliav, Kaisaku, and TPOT. Listen to this one-hour Mixcloud episode and see the playlist.

Giuseppe Dio is an Italian electronic music composer and scenic photographer who released his first full-length album in 2016 titled Lights, Shadows and Colors. He soon followed it up in 2018 with the considerably more subdued and tonally amorphous Imaginary Flights.

Motionfield is back with a brand-new album titled A Clear Horizon which enthrallingly takes the listener through eight shadowy ambient sound passages. It’s available on multiple digital download formats and limited edition compact disc!

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