Album review of Isodope by Kylmyys

Album review of Relaxation and Action by KevOz


“Sacred Visions” is the sixteenth release from multi-instrumentalist Peter Sterling, who recorded this album at his own “Thunder View” studio in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Having designed the album’s artwork, Peter also creates sacred geometry stained-glass art, as well as presents sound healing and sacred geometry workshops. “Sacred Visions” is comprised of nine compositions spanning fifty-two minutes, where Peter showcases his beautiful harp-playing (his main instrument), along with keyboards, percussion and other instruments. Additionally, musicians Richard Hardy, Bruce Becvar, Hans Christian, Robin Miller, Fitzhugh Jenkins and the smooth jazz band 3rd Force lend their talents to varying compositions.

Michelle Qureshi is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who also classically trained in guitar, although she crafts her compositions with unique experimentation and genre-defying edginess. On her album “Meditations” she creates minimalist soundscapes with an arrangement of guitars, flutes, didgeridoos, synthesizers and percussion, combining inner reflection and natural observation within an overall space of quietude.


Journeyman is the follow-up release to Treshold from Crystalline Dream, where multi-instrumentalist Richard Ross provides a diverse array of keyboards, synthesizers, flutes and percussion. His talents are once again complimented by the acoustic and electric guitar contributions of Korey Ross, as well as those of Peter Phippen, who plays both Shakuhachi and Native American flutes. The sonic palette of this album is bolder and a bit more nocturnal than its predecessor, as the trio creates blissfully meditative soundscapes throughout the ten compositions on this forty-eight minute sojourn.



Threshold is the debut album from Crystalline Dream, a meditative musical project by multi-instrumentalist Richard Ross. Comprised of eleven tracks spanning fifty minutes, Richard provides an array of flutes, chimes, gongs, Tibetan prayer bells, piano and synthesizer, as well as percussive instruments. Musician Korey Ross also lends touches of both acoustic and electric guitars.


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Gifted pianist and composer Lisa Downing’s fourth release is aptly titled “The Wisdom of My Shadow”, which alludes to the shadow-self of Jungian psychology. Additionally, a feminine theme of mystery and receptivity is further illustrated by the cover artwork of Susan Seddon-Boulet, which depicts the ancient Babylonian creator goddess “Ishtar”. Comprised of ten original compositions including two collaborative pieces, plus four cover songs, a short background story is included for each of the tracks detailing their deeply personal and interpretive meanings for Lisa, from which greater depth and insight can be gleaned.

“In the Midst of Stars” is the collaborative effort of Arizona-based flutist Sherry Finzer and multi-instrumentalist Cass Anawaty, both award-winning composers who’ve released their joint debut under the name ‘Majestica’. Incorporating elements from various musical genres, the duo create an eclectic blend of acoustic and electronic instrumental compositions on this essentially chill-style album.


From the Depths is the follow-up recording to The Landing by composer and multi-instrumentalist David Clavijo, who was born in Andalusia, Spain. Inspired by a trip to the nearby Balaeric island of Ibiza, which is renowned for its distinctive brand of chillout and electronic music, David’s influences also include artists such as Mike Oldfield, Enigma, Vangelis, Brian Eno and Jean Michel Jarre.



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