Passages is the sixth album from Chronotope Project, the recording alias of ambient music composer Jeffrey Ericson Allen. Released on the long-established Spotted Peccary Music label, Passages easily sits among the finest in its impressive catalog of ambient/electronic music. Comprised of five compositions all spanning anywhere from eight to twelve minutes long, Jeffrey weaves synthesizers, tablas and frame drums into a deeply atmospheric soundscape infused with subtle shamanic/tribal nuances throughout.

‘Songs of Reverence’ is the sixth full-length studio album by Tigerforest, a musical project conceived by German-American electronic music composer and producer, Gunnar Spardel. Following in the footsteps of his highly-acclaimed 2014 release, ‘The Tides of Day and Night’, ‘Songs of Reverence’ boasts twelve gorgeous compositions that feature a diverse line-up of talented instrumentalists and vocalists. Loosely working within a style of electronic music commonly dubbed “chilltrance”, Gunnar draws primarily upon ambient, trance and dream-pop influences while also sprinkling bits of classical and rock throughout.

Whispers from Silence is the collaborative project of multi-instrumentalist Tom Moore and international flutist Sherry Finzer. Comprised of eight compositions spanning just over an hour, the duo blend synthesizers with wind instruments to create a deeply immersive and meditative soundscape that feels ancient, sacred and enchantingly exotic, with subtle earthy rhythms underscoring several of the pieces.

Less than a year after releasing his stunningly impressive album, ‘Abendromen’, Tom Eaton returns with a follow-up titled ‘Indesterren’. Comprised of twelve supremely gorgeous compositions spanning seventy-eight minutes, the album was composed, produced and engineered by Tom, who is also co-producer and engineer for Imaginary Road studios (owned by Windham Hill founder, Will Ackerman). A gifted multi-instrumentalist, Tom plays piano, analog and digital synthesizers, electric guitars, fretted and fretless basses, accordion, omnichord, and acoustic and electric percussion on the album. Listeners will also note the cosmic theme present throughout, as conveyed on several song titles, such as “Waltz of the Seven Sisters” (an allusion to the Pleiades constellation), “Spica” and “Argo Navis”.

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Canadian resident Teo Milea is a pianist and composer with an impressive number of over four-hundred concerts in the realm of classical music, presented on European stages. His latest album, ‘Open Minds’, is comprised of six vivid and sweeping original compositions rendered on solo piano.

San Francisco-based musician and composer, Lawrence Blatt, plays an impressive myriad of both acoustic and electric guitars on his latest album, ‘Longitudes & Latitudes’. Produced by Will Ackerman and recorded at his own Imaginary Road studios in Vermont, Ackerman also lends both acoustic and electric guitars on a few of the compositions. Also joining the musical line-up are Jeff Haynes on percussion, Jeff Oster on flugelhorn and trumpet, Premik Russell Tubbs on electric woodwind and saxophone, Sam Bevan on bass, Eugene Friesen on cello, Charlie Bisharat on violin, and both Kori Linae Carothers and Kelly Park on piano, as well as several others.

Having dedicated her life to music since the age of four, New Jersey native Merrill Collins grew up to eventually earn her Bachelor’s Degree in piano with a minor in composition, and then a Master’s of Music Degree from the San Francisco Conservatory. Combing her classical music training with contemporary improvisation, Merrill plays grand piano on her latest album, ‘Echappees Etheriques’, where she is also joined by Laura Halladay on flute and Maksim Velichkin on cello. Spanning forty-seven minutes in length, the album is comprised of fifteen compositions, which when read in track order, form one long poetic quote.

Earthlight is the sixth album from musician and composer Jon Richards, released on Medwyn Goodall’s UK-based record label, MG Music. Comprised of eight compositions spanning just over an hour, the album showcases a beautiful array of electric guitar melodies and textures, perfectly interwoven among encompassing synthesizers, electronic rhythms and ethereal voices throughout.

Robert Casady is an award-winning composer, arranger and orchestrator, whose music has appeared in various media, including short films, websites and numerous video games. His debut album, “First Light”, is a twenty-four minute EP comprised of five compositions, in which he seamlessly blends styles of ambient, electronica and cinematic orchestral music.

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