Californian label Synphaera Records, run by Chris Bryant and Don Tyler, quickly became an important voice on the map of ambient and electronic related genres with several top-notch sonic and visual gems resonating since 2015. Solaris' Aeon V CDr is no exception.

Acclaimed ambient guitarist Jeff Pearce returns on September 13th with Skies and Stars. Comprised of three deep space excursions, the album includes two long-form compositions and one shorter piece. Available for pre-order on both CD and multiple digital download formats, it’s the ultimate soundtrack for stargazing!

Kelly David explores organic ambient soundscapes on his new album Meditation in Green, which will be released August 23rd on the Spotted Peccary label. It’s available for pre-order on both compact disc and multiple digital download formats.

Steve Roach drops a new album on August 30th called Bloom Ascension which will be available on vinyl, cassette, compact disc and as a digital download. The album follows in the classic sequencer style of Molecules of Motion and Spiral Revelation.

A transglobal mix inspired by the natural wildlife of exotic jungles and deserts! Featuring music by Al Jewer & Andy Mitran, Earth Trybe, Afro Celt Sound System, Chorus of Tribes, Enya, Jai, Diane Arkenstone, Uji, and Cybertribe. Listen to this one-hour Mixcloud episode and see the playlist.

An emotive ambient-space mix inspired by contemplative stargazing! Featuring music by Gunnar Spardel, Jonathan E. Blake, Eguana, Confluent Phase, Lingua Lustra, Jim Ottaway, Tonepoet, and Ivan Teixeria. Listen to this one-hour Mixcloud episode and see the playlist.

A lushly chilled and dubby mix imbued with an Eastern vibe! Featuring music by Chronos & Shivanam, Desert Dwellers, Hibernation, Makyo, Asian Chill Art, Jairamji, and RaRa Avis. Listen to this one-hour Mixcloud episode and see the playlist.

We’re honored to present a special interview with world percussionist, seven-time Grammy Award nominee and three-time Native American Music Award winner Will Clipman to beautifully wrap-up the series of interviews we conducted at the Heart Dance Records summit in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this year.

Soothing, timeless atmospheres highlighting Native and world flutes! Featuring Scott August, Bearheart Kokopelli, Jonny Lipford, Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer, John Huling, Pamela Whitman & Rich Kurtz, Monica Williams, Mikuskovics Baum, Ann Licater, and Richard Noll. Listen to this one-hour Mixcloud episode and see the playlist.

Pangaea Projekt is the music moniker of ambient/electronic composer Michael Crain, who's released a full-length album and several EPs as Pangaea Projekt, as well as a collaborative album under his own name. Among those EPs is this lovely fourth installment of his Winter series, which consists of four beautifully minimal soundscapes.

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