Collaborative duo Matt Borghi and Loneward (the latter being the recording project of Mike Carss who also records as Altus) have released an ethereally mesmerizing new album called The Still Guardian, which is comprised of spaciously haunting drone expanses!

Keith Richie has built up quite an impressive recording catalog over the past few years, having initially rose to prominence in 2015 with his landmark album Ambient Highways. Known for his ambient sci-fi and soundtrack inspired music, Richie’s albums often transpire like riveting cinematic film scores.

A lushly enigmatic, sensual mix to convey a waking dream state! Featuring Merlin & Argus, Cinematic, Classic Unknwn, The Soul Crusaders, Red Chameleon, Schiller, Ben Neill, La Estación Del Mar, Airily, Koala & Xentrix, and Tangerine Dream. Listen to this one-hour Mixcloud episode and see the playlist.

Illinois based soundcarver Chris Russell debuted on Spotted Peccary Music’s roster with applauded collaborative CD album Vague Traces in 2014, where he teamed with Phillip Wilkerson. Active since 2009 with around 14 albums, almost all digital, both solo and collabs were released on various labels.

New album out by James Bernard called Fragments, which features eight deeply atmospheric, droning ambient soundscapes. The release is currently available on multiple digital download formats as well as limited edition cassette and compact disc!

Check out the Top 25 Albums for the Month of August with direct links to listen and buy the music!

Barcelonian ambient composer Max Corbacho has just released a new album titled Echo of Longing on August 21st. Spanning over 73-minutes total, it features three chasmic soundscapes of beautifully dark ambient spacemusic!

New various artists album compiled by DJ Michael Maretimo has just been released titled Chill Sunset Maretimo, Vol. 2. Described as “chillout music with passion”, it features a smooth 18-track selection of relaxing poolside and lounging tunes, so be sure to check it out while it’s still summertime!

The renewed and increasing interest in vinyl records over the past few years has spawned the rerelease of many classic albums on the much-beloved format, including gems like this gorgeous New Age 5-LP boxset I recently received, which includes works that were originally only released on cassette tape.

Another liquid ambient mix to convey a world of primeval lifeforms! Featuring Shinpal, Circular, Eguana, Hibernation, Ishq, Sverre Knut Johansen with Robert Rich, Thaneco & DASK, and Ivan Teixeira. Listen to this one-hour Mixcloud episode and see the playlist.

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