A floating, hypnotic ambient mix inspired by interdimensional travel! Featuring Germind, Eguana, Kick Bong, Kamarius, Ancient Astronaut, Remote Vision, Andy Pickford, Ascendant, Shulman, and Fourth Dimension. Listen to this one-hour Mixcloud episode and see the playlist.

All Andorra has published a great article and interview with Tangerine Dream, in which the band’s current leader Thorsten Quaeschning talks about the history of electronic music and its romantic side, the band’s return to their original core, and more!

We’re delighted to present an interview with multi-instrumentalist Tom Moore who composes tribal-ambient and electronic space music, which was conducted earlier this year at the Heart Dance Records Summit in Phoenix, Arizona!

Leaving Richmond is the electronic music project of Los Angeles based composer Jordan Pier. Aptly-titled Great Distances, his latest release is a half-hour listening excursion that draws from IDM and downtempo styles laced with psychedelia and space age sensibilities.

A sultry summer mix of Balearic ambient groove to cool off and chill out to! Featuring Gold Lounge, Sean Hayman, Airstream, Eagle, Nicholas Gunn, Schiller, DJ Maretimo, David Arkenstone, Firas Tarhini, Stan Dart, and Eguana. Listen to this one-hour Mixcloud episode and see the playlist.

Another visionary ambient-space mix inspired by arid landscapes of the American southwest! Featuring Alio Die & Lorenzo Montanà, Remote Vision, Massergy, Radiant Mind & Steve Roach, Max Corbacho, and Kelly David. Listen to this one-hour Mixcloud episode and see the playlist.

An electronic sci-fi mix to convey a futuristic world of strange technology! Featuring music by ELEON, Side Liner & Aviron, Richard Ross, Spinnet, TM Solver, Jean-Michael Jarre, Eagle, Leaving Richmond, and Solaris. Listen to this one-hour Mixcloud episode and see the playlist.

Mikuskovics Baum is an eclectic musical duo comprised of accomplished multi-instrumentalists Bernhard Mikuskovics and Georg Baum. Marking the duo’s ten-year anniversary, their latest album Timeless beautifully intermingles Celtic, Native American and other world elements.

A balmy blend of exotic downtempo and lush ethnotronica! Featuring music by Lotus, David & Steve Gordon, Stephan Baer, Charlie North, Vellua, Jeff Oster, Juliet Lyons, Makyo, Kamarius, and James Asher & Arthur Hull.Listen to this one-hour Mixcloud episode and see the playlist.

Here's an interview with flutist Monica Williams, which was conducted at the recent Heart Dance Records Summit in Phoenix, Arizona! In this segment, we highlight her stunning debut album, Journey of Tears, which mesmerizingly weaves classical, world and Native American-style flutes among hauntingly beautiful soundscapes.

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