Top 20 Albums for February 2017


Rank Artist Name Album Title
1 Jim Ottaway Timeless e-Motion
2 Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren We Never Came to the White Sea
3 Steve Roach Spiral Revelation 
4 Sverre Knut Johansen  Contact
5 Enigma The Fall Of A Rebel Angel
6 Forrest Fang Following the Ether Sun
7 Byron Metcalf  Inner Rhythm Meditations
8 Art Patience The Recognition
9 Sequential Dreams The Exodus Wave
10 Peter Kater Resonance
11 Stephen Peppos Leaving Terra Firma
12 Dyan Garris Mystic's Nine
13 Al Conti Mystic
14 Vin Downes  When the Sea Lets Go
15 Nancy Shoop-Wu Rainbow Road
16 Jim Gabriel Into Eternity
17 Perpetual Motion  Rear View
18 Terra Guitara Of Sea & Stars
19 Kathryn Kaye Reflected In A Flowing Stream
20 Lawson Rollins 3 Minutes to Midnight
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