Top 20 Albums for January 2017


Rank Artist Name Album Title
1 Enigma The Fall Of A Rebel Angel
2 Jim Ottaway Timeless e-Motion
3 Dean de Benedictis Salvaging the Present
4 Art Patience The Recognition
5 Byron Metcalf  Inner Rhythm Meditations
6 Sequential Dreams The Exodus Wave
7 Steve Roach Spiral Revelation
8 Lena Natalia Second Youth
9 Karen Olson A Hero's Journey
10 Peter Kater Resonance
11 Dyan Garris Mystic's Nine
12 Améthyste Alien Moon
13 Weingarten - Charlton  Where There Is Light
14 Al Conti  Mystic
15 Vin Downes  When The Sea Lets Go
16 Kathryn Kaye Reflected In A Flowing Stream
17 Stephen Peppos  Leaving Terra Firma
18 Marconi Union  Ghost Stations
19 David Arkenstone Songs From the Aqua Lounge
20 Tigerforest Songs of Reverence 
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