Top 25 Albums for April 2017

Rank Artist Name Album Title
1 Hollan Holmes Prayer To The Energy
2 Erik Wøllo Different Spaces
3 S1gns of L1fe Pathways To Ascension
4 Thomas Lemmer Ambitronic
5 Argus The Architect of Time
6 Ascendant Meridian
7 Various Artists Starseed
8 Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren We Never Came To The White Sea
9 Jennifer DeFrayne Sisu
10 Static Shore Tides
11 Giuseppe Dio Lights, Shadows And Colors
12 Adam Werner Deep
13 David Franklin Songs of Potential Embrace
14 Anaamaly  Urban Metta, Vol. 1
15 Ketil Lien The Second Dimension
16 AO Music Asha
17 Der Waldla╠łufer Fluidum
18 Solaris Aeon V
19 Nathan Speir Part of A Kindly Plan
20 Forrest Fang  Following the Ether Sun
21 Between Interval Legacy
22 Fourth Dimension Core
23 Chris Russell Labyrinth
24 Keith Richie Gunslinger
25 Lorenzo Montaná Phase IX


Hollan Holmes May 09, 2017 @11:04 am
Surprised, given the caliber of talent in this list, but so deeply honored for this recognition.
Adam Werner May 02, 2017 @10:35 am
I'm truly honored!!! Thank you for playing "deep!"
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