Presented in alphabetical order by artist name.


Artist Name Album Title Record Label
Altus Pioneer  Altus
Brian Vassallo  Beyond 2 Brian Vassallo
Chris Russell Echo Spotted Peccary
Dave Luxton Explorations of Infinity  Wayfarer 
David Arkenstone Colors of the Ambient Sky QDV Recordings
Deborah Martin Selections Spotted Peccary
Eamonn Karran  I'll Be With You Real Music
Earth Connect Memory Generator  Cosmicleaf 
Echo Season Periphery  Synphaera 
Eguana Between Cosmicleaf
Erik Wollo  Threshold Point  Projekt
Gold Lounge Floating  Sine Music
Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning Eirlandia  Arkmusic
Keith Richie Dawn Keith Richie
Majestica Auriga to Orion Heart Dance 
Mario Raposo  Humanization Mario Raposo Music
Max Corbacho Nocturnes II Silentsun
Meg Bowles Evensong Kumatone 
Michael Crain & Jason Carey  Tiamatu, Volume 1 Crainium Music
One Arc Degree The Glow Beneath Synphaera
Simon Wilkinson Stateless Radiant Point
Stephanie Sante Clear Light Sante Music
Steve Roach Electron Birth Timeroom Editions
Steve Roach Return to the Dreamtime Timeroom Editions
Various Artists Cosmic Chill Lounge, Vol. 8 Sine Music

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