Presented in alphabetical order by artist name.


Artist Name Album Title Record Label
Al Jewer & Andy Mitran Perihelion Laughing Cat 
Ascendant Meridian [EX] Synphaera 
Boreal Taiga Iceland Polar Magnet 
Chronotope Project Lotus Rising Spotted Peccary Music
Dense Impact Cosmicleaf 
Eguana A Decennary of Eguana, Vol. 2 Cosmicleaf 
Firas Tarhini Ikigai Sine Music
Forrest Smithson The Accomplished View Sphere Music
Gold Lounge Spirals (Re-Work) Gold Lounge Music
Ikjoyce To the End of the Field 769793 Records DK
Iluiteq Soundtracks for Winter Departures TXT Recordings
Jean-Michel Jarre Equinoxe Infinity Astralwerks
Lingua Lustra Nautilus Exosphere
Mark Dwane Astrology Mark Dwane Music
Max Corbacho Horizon Matrix Silentsun
Mythos Eros Adagio Music Inc.
Opium Moon Opium Moon Be Why
Pangaea Projekt Winter, Vol. IV Crainium Music
Remote Vision Birds Like Earth Exosphere
Remote Vision Into Light Exosphere
Solaris Chimera Exosphere
The Infinite Calling Beyond the Illusion The Infinite Calling
Transponder Beholder Synphaera
Unusual Cosmic Process Frames of Silence AstroPilot Music
Zero Cult Deep in Your Mind Cosmicleaf 

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