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Al Conti - Mystic
Al Gromer Khan - Chakra Noir
Al Jewer & Andy Mitran - Perihelion
Ambiscend - Tranquility
Anaamaly - Urban Metta, Vol. 1
Anaamaly - Urban Metta, Vol. 2
Art Patience - The Recognition



Bart Hawkins - 21 Pulse Eclipse
Between Interval - Legacy (review by Richard Gürtler)
Byron Metcalf - Inner Rhythm Meditations

Byron Metcalf & Jennifer Grais - There Were Here



Chris Russell - Echo (review by Richard Gürtler)
Chronotope Project - Lotus Rising
Chronotope Project - Ovum
Chronotope Project - Passages
Crystalline Dream - Alchemy
Crystalline Dream - Journeyman
Crystalline Dream - Seventh Chakra
Crystalline Dream - Threshold



Darren Rogers - Interstellar Love
David Arkenstone - Beneath a Darkening Sky
David Arkenstone - Colors of the Ambient Sky
David Clavijo - From the Depths
David Wahler - Mosaic
Dlaivison - Sign of Us 



ELEON - Dreams Beyond Terra
Enya - Dark Sky Island
Erik Wøllo - Different Spaces (review by Richard Gürtler)
Erik Wøllo & Byron Metcalf - Earth Luminous (review by Richard Gürtler)



Forrest Fang - Following the Ether Sun (review by Richard Gürtler)
Frore & Shane Morris - Eclipse (review by Richard Gürtler)



Giuseppe Dio - Imaginary Flights
Giuseppe Dio - Lights, Shadows and Colors
Giuseppe Dio - Space Explorations
Glenn Main - Tribute to Jean-Michel Jarre


Hennie Bekker - Beyond Dreams
Hollan Holmes - Prayer to the Energy 



Javonnii - Let There Be Light
Jeff Pearce - Follow the River Home
Jeff Pearce - From the Darker Seasons
Jeff Pearce - Skies and Stars
Jeff Pearce - With Evening Above
Jim Ottaway - Deep Space Blue
Jim Ottaway - Invisible Vortex
Jim Ottaway - Southern Cross
Jim Ottaway - Timeless e-Motion
Jon Richards - Earthlight
Jon Richards - Gaia
Jonn Serrie - The Sentinel
Jos d'Almeida - Aether
Joseph L Young - Ethereum
Joseph L Young - Every Moment


Karen Olson & Crispin Barrymore - A Hero's Journey
Keith Richie - Ambient Highways
Keith Richie - C/T/F/O
Keith Richie - For the Willow Wept
Keith Richie - Mister Stichs
Keith Richie - Songs From The Wounded Heart
Keith Richie - The Maestoso Interstellar Suite & Singularies
Kerani - Stardust
Ketil Lien - The Second Dimension
KevOz - Relaxation and Action
Kylmyys - Isodope



Leaving Richmond - Great Distances
Lena Natalia - Lonely Satellite
Lisa Gerrard & David Kuckhermann - Hiraeth 



Mário Raposo - Humanization
Max Corbacho - Nocturnes II (review by Richard Gürtler)

Meg Bowles - Evensong: Canticles for the Earth
Michael Crain & Jason Carey - Tiamatu, Volume 1
Michael Stearns - The Soft Touch of Morning Light (review by Richard Gürtler)
Mikuskovics Baum - Timeless



Nicholas Gunn - Riding the Thermals
NoizeFilter - Floating Consciousness
Numina - The Chroma Plateau (review by Richard Gürtler)



Pangaea Projekt - Winter, Vol. IV



Richard Ross - Entropy



Siddhartha Barnhoorn - Structures Of Light (review by Richard Gürtler)
Solaris - Aeon V (review by Richard Gürtler)
Stephanie Sante - Clear Light

Stephen Peppos - Deep Listen
Steve Brand - Leaving the Hive (review by Richard Gürtler)
Steve Roach - Molecules of Motion
Steve Roach - Painting in the Dark (review by Richard Gürtler)
Steve Roach - Return to the Dreamtime (review by Richard Gürtler)



Tom Eaton - How It Happened



White Sun - White Sun III


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