Alphabetized list of ambient, chill, space, world, electronica, new age, neoclassical and contemporary instrumental album reviews.





2002 - Celtic Fairy Lullaby




Adam Werner - Deep
Al Conti - Mystic
Al Gromer Khan - Chakra Noir
Al Jewer & Andy Mitran - Transmigration
Alan Storeygard - Jazz Meets The Classics
Alexi Musnitsky - Zia
Anaamaly - Urban Metta, Vol. 1
Anaamaly - Urban Metta, Vol. 2
Anaya Music - Eternity
Andy Iorio - II
Ann Sweeten - Where Butterflies Dance
AO Music - Asha
Arash Behzadi - With Closed Eyes
Art Patience - The Recognition




Ban Brothers - All About Love
Bear - After a Pause
Bill Wren - Road to Chiang Mai
Blackmore's Night - To The Moon And Back
Blackmore's Night - Winter Carols
Bob Kilgore - Time and Again
Byron Metcalf - Inner Rhythm Meditations




Camille Nelson - Lead Me Home
Carbe and Durand - A Bridge Between
Charles Denler - One Drop Became An Ocean
Christopher Boscole - Skipping on Daisies
Chronotope Project - Ovum
Chronotope Project - Passages
Cole & Coffman - Shapeshifter
Crystalline Dream - Alchemy
Crystalline Dream - Journeyman
Crystalline Dream - Threshold




Dan Chadburn - Beyond Words
Dan Chadburn - Held In The Light
Darlene Koldenhoven - Color Me Home
Darren Rogers - Interstellar Love
David Arkenstone - Beneath a Darkening Sky
David Clavijo - From the Depths
David Wells - Songs of Hope
Deuter - Immortelle
Deuter - Reiki Hands of Love
Dlaivison - Sign of Us
Dyan Garris - Mystic's Nine




Elise Lebec - Heart Song
Elise Lebec - Origin: One World Turning Project, Vol. 1
Enya - Dark Sky Island
Erik Scott - In the Company of Clouds




Fiona Joy - Into the Mist
Fiona Joy - Signature - Synchronicity




Get Tribal - Radio God
Gina Leneé - Red Diamonds
Giuseppe Dio - Lights, Shadows and Colors
Glenn Main - Tribute to Jean-Michel Jarre
Greg Starr - Cantum Laudus




Hennie Bekker - Beyond Dreams
Hollan Holmes - Prayer to the Energy
Holland Phillips - Circles of 8
Holland Phillips - Under A Second Moon




James Woolwine - Solo Piano Destruction
Javonnii - Let There Be Light
Jeff Pearce - Follow the River Home
Jeff Pearce - From the Darker Seasons
Jeff Pearce - With Evening Above
Jeffrey Seeman - Everything In Between
Jennifer DeFrayne - Sisu
Jill Haley - National Park Soundscapes
Jim Gabriel - Into Eternity
Jim Ottaway - Deep Space Blue
Jim Ottaway - Invisible Vortex
Jim Ottaway - Southern Cross
Jim Ottaway - Timeless e-Motion
Jon Richards - Earthlight
Jon Richards - Gaia
Jonn Serrie - The Sentinel
Jos d'Almeida - Aether
Joseph Akins - Into The Flow
Joseph L Young - Ethereum
Joseph Sullinger - Adore
Joslin - The Lone Traveler
Joslin - The Road Ahead




Karen Olson & Crispin Barrymore - A Hero's Journey
Kathryn Kaye - Reflected In A Flowing Stream
Kelly Andrew - Rendezvous
Keith Gehle - Space and Time
Keith Richie - Ambient Highways
Keith Richie - For the Willow Wept
Keith Richie - Mister Stichs
Keith Richie - The Maestoso Interstellar Suite & Singularies
Kerani - Stardust
Ketil Lien - The Second Dimension
KevOz - Relaxation and Action
Kimberly Haynes - Awaken Me
Kylmyys - Isodope




Laima Gaizutis - Simply Beautiful Collection II
Lawrence Blatt - Longitudes & Latitudes
Lena Natalia - Almost Home
Lena Natalia - Rendezvous in Paris
Lena Natalia - Second Youth
Lisa Downing - The Wisdom of My Shadow
Lynn Tredeau - A New Dream
Lynn Tredeau - Shifting Sands




Majestica - In the Midst of Stars
Marc Enfroy - Crossroads
Mário Raposo - Futurology
Marshall Barnhouse - Awakened
Masako - Piano Sanctuary
Matias Bacoñsky - Life and Death
Matthew Mayer - Ardor
Merrill Collins - Echappees Etheriques
Merrill Collins - Ethereal Escapes: Echappées Ethériques II
Michael Kollwitz - Serenity
Michael Stribling - Union: Music for Lovers
Michele McLaughlin - Christmas: Plain & Simple III
Michele McLaughlin - Life
Michelle Qureshi - Meditations
Michelle Qureshi - Scattering Stars
Michelle Qureshi - Seventh Wave
Micki Free - The Native American Flute As Therapy
Monica Logani - Secret Garden
Muses9 - Spring Begins
Musical Nature - Eavesdropping




Nancy Shoop-Wu - Rainbow Road
Nouveau Papillon - Metamorphosis




One Alternative - Twilight




Pati Pellerito & Mark Holland - Dreamwalker
Paul Avgerinos - Bhakti
Perpetual Motion - Rear View
Peter Calandra - The Road Home
Peter Kater - Dancing On Water
Peter Sterling - Sacred Visions




Rachel Currea - Walking to You
Renascence - 2440 Millennial: Music Uniquely Yours, Vol. 2
Renascence - Music Uniquely Yours Vol. 1
Richard Dillon - Irish Mist
Richard Dillon - Land of Nod: Lullabies for the Listless
Richard Dillon - Ring Around the Moon
Ricky Kej - Shanti Samsara
Robert Casady - First Light
Robert Thies & Damjan Krajacic - Blue Landscapes II: Discoveries
Ryan Marvel - Reflecting Forward




Samer Fanek - Wishful Thinking
Sangeeta Kaur - Ascension, Niguma, Vol. 2: The Mantra Project
Scott Cole - Beyond Earth - Bowed Dronescapes
Seay - In The Garden
Sequential Dreams - Legends
Sequential Dreams - Metamorphic Waves
Sequential Dreams - The Exodus Wave
Sherry Finzer, Darin Mahoney & Will Clipman - Trialogue
Shoshana Michel - Dancing on the Wind
Shoshana Michel - Prelude to a Dream
Star Parodi - The Heart of Frida
Static Shore - Life & Love In The Hologram
Static Shore - Tides
Stephen Peppos - Leaving Terra Firma
Steve Rivera - Dividing the Darkness
Steven Vitali - Greatest Hits Vol. 2




Teo Milea - Open Minds
Terry Lee Nichols - At Peace Beneath the Shade of My Father's Tree
The Infinite Calling - Reflections for Angels Unaware
Tigerforest - Songs of Reverence
Tigerforest - The Tides of Day and Night 
Timothy Crane - The Fall of a Sparrow
Timothy Wenzel - Distant Horseman
Timothy Wenzel - What We Hold Dear
Tom Caufield - I Heard it was Christmas Day
Tom Eaton - Abendromen
Tom Eaton - Indesterren
Tom Grant - Sipping Beauty
Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer - Whispers from Silence
Tsode - Brainstorming
Tsode - Yggdrasil




Unleashed Dreams - Dare to Dream




Vin Downes - When the Sea Lets Go




White Sun - White Sun II




Yanni - Sensuous Chill