If you would like to submit your music for airplay consideration on our 24/7 station and/or weekly one-hour broadcasts please contact us.


To submit digital audio files, please include a download link in MP3 @ 320k format. You may also provide a redemption code for Bandcamp or CD Baby.


Alternately, you’re welcome to mail a physical CD to:


c/o: Candice Michelle
P.O. Box 690162
Orlando, FL 32869


Once your music has been previewed to determine if it’s a good fit for the program, any number of tracks (although usually not exceeding four at a time from a full-length album) may be added to our 24/7 streaming station. This process usually takes anywhere from one to three weeks and track selections are carefully curated.


On the other hand, since our weekly one-hour broadcasts are generally crafted around a particular theme or musical style, an estimate typically cannot be given as to when an artist’s work might be included.


Now and for always – airplay is 100% free!