I presently offer the following services to recording artists, record labels, industry promoters and other related personnel:


Guaranteed Reviews

If you would like to have an album reviewed I will need to preview your music before committing to writing about it to ensure that it meets quality standards to warrant, at minimum, a generally positive review. The musical styles I cover include ambient, chill-out, downtempo, electronica, ethereal, neoclassical, new age, soundtracks and ethnic/world fusion. You are also more than welcome to republish the review on your own website and distribute it for other promotional purposes with credit given to Candice Michelle / Journeyscapes Radio. A guaranteed review will typically be published within three to four weeks and includes the following features:

‣ Review published as its own blog entry on Journeyscapes Radio
‣ This includes shop links to purchase the album (such as Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, Bandcamp, Google Play, etc.)
‣ This also includes a link to your website
‣ If you have a YouTube album trailer or music video, I can embed that below the review as well
‣ Review permanently indexed on this website
‣ Review republished on any of the following shops the album is sold through: Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and Google Play (excerpt)
‣ Review republished on AllMusic (may be edited due to their 3,000-maximum character limit)

The service fee for a guaranteed review is $50 and I invoice via Paypal. Non-guaranteed reviews are only written as time allows due to increasing reviewing/writing requests and cost prohibitive time constraints.



This is a two-sided (front and back) printable document with an aesthetically pleasing design that includes a written biography, press release, album details, purchase links, and contact information, which you can then distribute to radio programmers and other industry personnel. Including a one-sheet (either physically or digitally) with your music submissions can help create a stronger impression in the recipient’s mind, as well as provide them with key information about you and your music that they might need for reference. As both a radio programmer and music reviewer myself, I can attest to the fact that I find one-sheets to be incredibly valuable!

The fee for this service is $100 and I invoice via Paypal. Once we’ve agreed to the terms and the invoice has been paid, I will send you a list of questions to gather key content information. I will then compose a few paragraphs that read smoothly for the biographical portion of your one-sheet as well as work on the rest of the content and design layout. The one-sheet will then be emailed to you as both MS Word and PDF files that you can either send as correspondence attachments or print and mail out with your music submissions.

Please contact me to see examples of my work!

Press Releases

This is approximately a page worth of written content that you can post on a website, incorporate into a newsletter, or otherwise include as part of your music-related distribution and promotion. A press release is essentially like a one-sheet but without the full design/layout aspect, and includes a written summary of your music release along with any pertinent details, as well as biographical information and other highlights about your work (such as reviewer quotes, honors or awards received, etc.).

The fee for this service is $50 and I invoice via Paypal. Upon receipt of payment I will send you a list of questions for gathering key content information. The press release will then be emailed to you as both MS Word and PDF files.


Please contact me if you have any further questions!

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